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A Clandestine Affaire

A Clandestine Affaire

Published: July 4, 2018
An appetite for ambition yanks a small town student, Willow Walsh to the big beautiful Windy City, Chicago. A mission to make a difference in the world. Desperate to avoid failure after a few bumps on the road, she pursues her dream career with the prestigious Architectural Design Magazine, Racer Journal. Owned by Ella Racer, a queen in her own right. The only woman she admired and held on a pedestal, then, she met Harry,…
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Willow has just met the man of her dreams. Only problem is he’s taken and their toxic affair is a drug neither of them can quick. This is a story of the other woman and the husband, a secret affair and could prove dangerous to everyone involved.
Neither want to let go, so where does it leave them?
I found her character arbitrary when it comes to Harry. At times it looks as though she will finally stand up to him but he crocks his finger, gives an order it a look and she’s right back to being in the one place she shouldn’t be.
He’s typicall if what we know cheaters are: selfish, condescending, and torn between loyalty and lust. He has his wife on one end that he appeases and his mistress on another he’s feeding with pretty words.
She suspects but Harry swears he’s not cheating. Does she believe him? What will happen to the relationships, professional and personal for all those involved?
Rich, refined, handsome. All the things women dream of and their likes run parallel. Will her indiscretion cost her a future?
A tale of forbidden love, a chance at real love and betrayal. We see the world through Willow’s eyes from being the other woman to learning from her mistakes to looking forward to the future and facing her past.
Though I personally don’t condone affairs, Miss Paul shows how it affects everyone involved and how it can spill over to bystanders.
This is a very long read, about forty-one chapters excluding an epilogue and short story on Harry.
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