Do you really feel like combing through all the reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads just to see the one liner reviews?
I don’t! It blows my mind, those short reviews. 
I’m still learning this blogging world but don’t worry, I invite you to come along for the ride.
I started this site for the same reason I thought YOU would feel at home.
I love books. I love everything about me and cresting an environment where I “Dare To Be Bookish”.
 So, Vixen Book Addict Bookstanista was born.
My husband thinks I’m nerdy, I think I’m just a book addict and as I always tell anyone that’s a writer, “Feed my addiction!” Really, books are my drug of choice! 
I’ve read more books than I can count from the time I was nine years old. Books are my escape from the real world. They give me a sense of peace, excitement, suspense and one hell of a ride!
Only in the last few years did I start reviewing my books on Amazon and Goodreads.
I’m thirty-something mom in Smyrna Georgia, but I’m really a country girl. I like weird socks, Doctor Who shirts, funny tea mugs, and books!
My hobbies are….you guessed it, reading. I’ll play the occasional video game, watch the ID and Reel channel, but you’ll always find me glued to a book, my Kindle or Kobo reading app.
Each week is the weekly recap. In case you missed ALL the posts of the week, I tie them into a super cute email for you delivered straight to your email!
My subscribers will be the first among to know of free giveaways hosted by me and Bookstanista swag!
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