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The sweet smell of books! Nothing beats walking into a bookstore or getting a whiff of the magical essence when you open your book haul!

I remember when books ruled my life. I devoured them as fast as I got them. This was before e-books, Kindles, Kobo, and heck before the iPhone became more than just a phone.

This was a time when holding a book in your hand felt right! When you had a suitcase specifically FOR your books and new picks that were purchased along the way.

I remember casually checking out Borders Books. I love it for some many reasons and found many authors browsing their shelves.

My main reason was their point system. The more books your purchased, the more points you racked up! Birthdays got your a certificate, music and cafe purchases helped rack up the points.

I shopped exclusively at Borders until it was ultimately purchased by Barnes and Noble.

Needless to say, I lost my points during their “acquisition”.

It lead me to thinking, ‘could I find another bookstore with such incentives’?

Never underestimate the power of insomnia!

Here’s a round-up of Indie bookstores (and not so Indie) with incentives that made be backtrack from the usual suspects.

Foyles, United Kingdom ??

Indigo, Canada ??

[Rakuten] Kobo Books, various countries

Books and Books, Key West, Florida, United States ??

Ferguson Books, North Dakota, United States ??

Point Reyes Books, California, United States ??

Village Books and Paper Dreams, Washington, United States ??

QBD Books, throughout Australia ??

Dymrocks Booklovers, throughout Australia ??

Angus & Robertson, New South Wales, Australia ??

Book Outlet, New York, United States ??

Boomerang Books, Sydney, Australia ??

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