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coz-en (kuz-uhn) verb 1. trick or deceive. • obtain by deception. She was named most appropriately. Cozen Taylor has more than earned her place as one of North America’s most successful thieves. Her name is whispered amongst criminal elite as the go-to thief when someone needs a heist. She has never failed. A call from the Miami-based Astor family could change all that with a job that seems almost impossible to complete. The mark should…
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Cozen is a beautiful thief and a ghost. She gets in and gets out and quickly as the wind. The mark never sees her coming or leaving, but she leaves with what she needed to get and right under the mark’s nose.
This time the stakes are higher, the game is more dangerous and the temptation is too close.

Cozen is a different scene than Bethany’s mafia world. It’s a world where anyone can be anyone, for a price.
The set up of Cozen is a thrilling ride that leaves you surprised at the end and wanting to re-read it again.
From California to Miami to New York, we follow Cozen as she shows us a woman that's as powerful and beautiful and as dangerous.
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