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Excerpt from “Dishonored” by Bethany-Kris

“Let’s move,” Aria murmured as Caesar came closer.

The two of them headed for the private room where the Cosa Nostra Accardo boss would be waiting for them, but she didn’t even reach the entryway—as she expected—before Caesar caught up with her. His warm, calloused palm wrapped around her elbow, and tugged her backwards. Aria didn’t even get the chance to catch her footing before Caesar was pulling her upright, and moving them down a dim hallway where bathroom signs flashed overhead.

She breathed, and he spun her around. Her back hit the wall hard before both of Caesar’s hands came to land on either side of her head with a hard smack.

Aria didn’t blink.

Neither did Caesar.


The blues of his eyes were amazing this close.

All sea-deep with flecks of black.

What do you want?”

His words came out through sneer-twisted lips that had kissed and tasted the most intimate places on her body. She was hyper-aware of just how close he was to her. His heady cologne soaked into her lungs with every inhale; a deep, spicy scent that smelled like sex and heaven all at once. He really was a Godly man.

She never denied that.

“Well?” Caesar demanded harshly. “What do you want, Aria?”

“Ah, figured that out, did you?”

“Don’t mess with me, you crazy woman,” he murmured in Italian.

“Your Italian is … heavenly.”

It really was.

Or maybe it was because it was him.

“Stop fucking with me,” he uttered.

“Oh, yes,” she countered, grinning, “I’ve heard it’s usually you doing that to other people. I suppose this is a new thing for you, huh?”

A tic showed in his jaw.

She almost had him.

“Aria,” came a quiet word from Nico at her right.

She didn’t even turn her head to look at the man. “It’s fine.”

“It’s not. You’ve been down here for at least a minute. You’re supposed to be in the room already. Simone or Jonny could come out to look for you, and you know what they’ll see. You’re in private with a man—where you cannot be.”

Caesar’s gaze narrowed at those words.

Aria didn’t look away from him, but she had to speak now. Get her demands out, and get it over with. Nico had a good point.

“Would your father care to know that you fucked the enemy, Caesar?” she asked, never breaking their gaze. “How would he feel to know while you were put on our tail to clean up our mess, you were actually fraternizing with one of us—and not just any one of us, but the acting boss. Me.”

Caesar didn’t flinch, and even sounded a little too haughty when he replied, “That’s not even close to the worst thing my father knows I have done.”

And even as he said that, she still found a flash of worry in his gaze. Maybe in all his fuck ups, this man was now walking a very thin line.

“Do you want to test that theory?”

He swallowed.

She smiled.

“We want territory—more, you could say. I need it for a bigger purpose, and your family is strong holding it, as they usually do.

You’re going to help me in that regard.”

“You have high hopes and big dreams.”

Aria laughed.

Like Nico, this man was wrong, too.

Men usually were.

“Hope is for the weak. I never hope.”

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