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Eleven years ago I walked into a tiny little store. It was situated off the main road in a small town. Unless you looked for it or happened to stop at the baby thrift store next door you’d pass right by.

It so happens that I had some serious baby fever and stopped to take a look at the items.

The little store next to it was an indie bookstore, a term I’d never heard of back then.

My only knowledge of physical bookstores were Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Borders. Sure, I ordered from Samhain Publishing before their closing. I never thought of them in terms of indie.

To be “indie” means not to be affiliated with a major company.

This place was definitely indie. Bookshelves were over flowing with books. The store made me think of Doctor Who’s Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside.

The store was split into three sections, fiction, non-fiction, children.

I became such great friends with the owners that they called me when a new batch of books came in. If I needed a book? They ordered it for me. I lived in that little hidden store, my oasis, for two years.

Today, I was driving back from Florida. I happened to see a billboard about an indie bookstore. If I hadn’t been pressed for time and my migraine hammering at me harder than Woody Woodpecker, I wouldn’t stopped.

Since I couldn’t, I thought of something else AMAZING!

My Indie Bookstore World Tour. I live in Georgia, Atlanta to be exact. Can you imagine how man indie bookstores are right in the city or outside the Atlanta perimeter?

I’m making it my mission to visit as many indie bookstores as I can around the world.

My first stop, Atlanta Georgia.

Do you have a favorite indie bookstore? Know of any in your city, state, or province?

Post their information in the comments. Let’s get them on my world tour!

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