Have you heard of Instafreebie?”

It’s an app that gives you access to free books. Yes, I said free.

You simply send your name and email….viola, you have a freebie!

Sounds like the best app ever, right?

You need both the website and the app to really get the most out of instafreebie.

On the iPhone, instafreebie will only download from iBooks.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like iBooks.

iBooks doesn’t allow deletion of books….a quirk that irritates me to no end and has keep from buying or even getting the freebies.

Sorry Apple. When I’m done with a book, I don’t want to “hide” it, I want to delete it.

Still, you can use the website to get the books on other platforms.

Maybe one day they’re integrate it with something worthwhile like Kobo.

I was never into ePub books until I actually checked out one of my books on Kobo…now I’m hooked.

You can use their website best on a computer, not so much the mobile website.

It can get rather annoying quick when you have multiple windows opening constantly.

Still, the concept is great and I love getting books. Before I started Bookstanista, I was running out of books to read. Now, I have so many books to read I don’t have the time for them all.

What book lover doesn’t love having a plethora of books to read at any given moment?

For you giveaway junkies, instafreebie has something special for you too!

Ready to join?

Click my screenshot below and starting getting free reads!

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