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Published: June 12, 2018
AFTER LAUREN HUNTER is let go from a job she didn’t even like, she flies to Sydney to stay with her brother and re-assess her life. That’s when she stumbles upon NBS Studios, the filming location of her favourite reality show, MultiDate. As a self-proclaimed superfan, Lauren has watched every episode of the six years (and counting) series, and is an expert on all things related to the show. So when the opportunity to scheme…
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Lauren’s life is going downhill and fast. She has a job she hates, a coworker that disgusts her and a friend that drops a last-minute bomb. All in one day she’s jobless and homeless.
She visits her brother and luck is on her side. Not only does she land a new job, new apartment but she has two hot guys interested in her and one heck of a woman who’s tempted to make her new life hell.
There’s an underlying lesson in here on morals and Lauren has them in abundance.
McManus gives her a behind the scenes look of what’s it like to run a show. From the audition, to the crew, and the morals used. Lauren may seem like a goody two shoes, but it’s a refreshing quality to have in characters as many don’t have any at all. She tries to do the right thing and I want to think that is mostly due to her past experiences within her family and how dirty morals split it apart.
Lauren isn’t different from us and questions whether she’s doing the right thing.
Sometimes, you just have to go with your instincts and hope you’re right.
In the case with Patrick, she felt betrayed as she did when she found out about her father. After throwing caution into the wind, it backfired on her.
“Hang on. You outright lied to me when you said you had no idea Ariel
was treating the cast badly. But you did! You wrote it in the book!”
I really felt for Lauren in this moment. After everything she did, she was hurt that such a lie ruined so much.
I really liked the characters, especially her sidekick Jules.
Jules is very gay and very much lively. I wished we would’ve gotten a bit more of him and his thoughts. He was one of my favorite characters in this book. I think he brought out the playful, fun side of what could’ve easily turned into a boring read.
This is a lighthearted fun read that I was sad to see end.
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