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Review of “Honor”

Review for “Honor”

Honor (SEAL'ed Series Book 1)
Published: June 27, 2018
Logan has been running from a death bed promise for years, but he’s finally decided to face his fears and claim his forever. Now all he has to do is convince her to take another chance on love. Katie buried her husband and made peace with never finding a love that strong again. But when a smooth talking cowboy asks her to dance, fireworks explode, leaving them both desperate for more. However, their happiness is…

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Navy SEALS? Oh yeah, I'm definitely reading this.

As a Veteran's wife, I love reading about the men that go for the hardest jobs, never knowing if they'll make it back. I understand that all too well. Sometimes they do make it back, but parts of them are left out there.

Logan has been in love with Katie from the moment he met her. She only had eyes for his best friend Ryan. When Ryan makes Logan swear to love her and take care of her the way Ryan knows Logan can, he tries to honor his dying friend's wish.
Normally, books like this make me happy. Granted, I haven't personally been in that situation. I don't think I could ever look at another man, best friend or not.

It takes Logan eight years to go after Katie. Eight years! So here, I have some problems with this story. I've been married for fourteen years and I know every single solider my husband served with, I've heard about people he's worked with from other branches and even met some via Facebook. I KNOW who my husband's friends are, including his best friends. I even remember the exact people I met the first time I met my husband. Granted, there was one person, who did leave us I don't remember, but I have a vague memory of him. If he was still alive, I would have a sense of familiarity about him. What I find impossible is Katie has no IDEA who Logan is. Yes, a person can change in eight years, but this is her husband's best friend. In all the time she's been at the bar, she's never noticed her husband in the picture with Logan? She's never wondered why Ryan's best friend never came around? Even when Ryan finally told her, she couldn't put the pieces together?

It take a strong woman and I'm talking Wonder Woman, Superwoman strong to have a man who takes on the toughest jobs in the military. It's not a life for the wilted flower. There have been times where all I could do is cry and times where I wore those tears like armor and survived. From the moment we're introduced to Katie until the point where I stopped reading, she's in one of three situations: She's on her back, knees, stomach for Logan, she's crying, or this personality comes out of her that doesn't really match. If someone told me their phone met an unfortunate end, I'm not going to scream "What does that even mean!" Clearly, something happened that the phone isn't working.

Now, I understand that when you have a secret and it's found out, it hurts like getting burned. It'll hurt when it comes from the real source too! In Logan's defense, Katie finding out the secret or hearing it from Logan would've had the same reaction: tears. Though people tend to only hear what they want and have no room for anything else.

The point where I finally stopped was when Charlie, Logan's best friend and his two girlfriends decided that Logan needed a verbal bashing and Charlie just standing quickly on the side really. I"m sorry, but if someone is going off on my best friend because someone else eavesdropped, I'm not going to side with my bed partner. So, we have Katie mad and "crying", Logan upset because Katie told him to get lost because in her mind "he had a laugh at the expense of the fat girl".

Wait... this man who called you everyday, Skype you every day, made plans with YOU every day, told you how much he loves you, and you felt like he thought he was going to lose you, is having a laugh at your expense?

I tried to finish the book, but I honestly couldn't. Katie is very weak and narrow-minded at times she seems almost out of touch with basic everyday idioms.

Logan is soft all around and the "twins", Katie's best friends, just come off as bullies.

The book has a total of twenty-six chapters and an epilogue. I stopped at chapter twenty-three. Maybe I'll go back and finish the book, but for now. I can't.

I do appreciate the author's take on writing about Navy Seals and the amount of time she spending writing the book.

I was expecting a lot more from this book based on the blurb. I expected a stronger woman and man that had some back bone instead of part of one. I didn't expect such hostile friends for Katie. They seem to coddled her more than actually help her.

My recommendation? Read this while waiting for a new book.


Update: I managed to finish the remaining chapters. I can't say they helped the story. I feel like Katie and Logan are just too mismatched! It feels like I'm reading a high school insta-love story. Don't get me wrong, after six weeks, I knew I was in love with my husband, but after four days they're in love? Hey! I've seen people marry in less time than that!

I think this series should've started with the friends. The short epilogue at the end gives an insight into them, however, it's very easy to find they don't really fit with their story and their personalities set them up for insta-dislike.

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