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Confessions of a Klutz (Confessions #1)

  How many times can a person scream “no” while having a temper tantrum in their bed, trying not to wake their husband or fall on the floor?🤨 You see, I’m a klutz, accident prone and I tend to blame it on my surroundings (i.e. the ghost that pushed me down the stairs or the …

July/August 2018 Buzz Books Monthly

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You can’t control what you didn’t create. You can’t undo what you’ve done. Hard lessons have taught Aria that life is like chess, you play the game to win. You don’t keep prisoners, you eliminate them.

Caesar has one foot in the grave according to his father. He doesn’t care. Death would be a blessing to the hell he endures. He thinks he’s the moving pieces on the board but the Aria will show him in this game, everyone is a pawn.

How can two unlikely people walk a similar path yet need the same end goal? How much can a person be dishonored before they’re stripped bare?

You won’t see it coming, when you do, it won’t matter. Your piece is no longer on the table.

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