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Sought By The Lion

Sought By The Lion

Sought By The Lion: Lionhaeme
Published: June 15th 2018
Beauty and the Beast meets Regency romance in this second standalone instalment of Tara Gill’s ‘Beyond the Planes’ series. Eighteen year-old Regency Society debutante, Mia Gray hasn’t been very lucky when it comes to family. Neglect has shaped far too many crucial moments of her life. Mia doesn’t recall a moment that she hasn’t longed for love, for a place to belong. But when her self-centred parents seek to push her into marriage and wash…
Disclaimer: I received Sought By The Lion as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy.) I am not compensated in any way for this book, my opinions or thoughts. My review is of my own thoughts about the book from my point of view. In no way are my thoughts or opinions persuaded. ARCs are an uncorrected proof whose price and publication dates are subject to change.
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Sought By The Lion is a romantic erotica novel written by Tara Gill.
The book opens with a prologue that is part of the ending. It made me intrigued so I kept reading. The book is a mix of historical, paranormal, erotica, and sci-fi
Mia is a quiet girl who’s parents ignore as her very existence puts a strain and damper on their life. She’s a tremendous disappointment to her scientist father and overbearing mother.
Mia is Book smart with a hunger for knowledge
After a trip to a bookstore, Mia has her future. Her mother commands that she will marry Lord Barghurr as he is wealthy, titled, respected, intelligent, and good-looking.
After her parents accept money from Lord Barghurr to finance their trip, they leave Mia alone with her companion, Fanny and don’t give her a second glance or thought.

The rest of the story has erotic and paranormal as majority of the scenes take place with a historical feel to the erotica.
Being on the “others” plane means that Mia is now part of their world which is a mixture of our world today and Greece or Egypt from the time pass.
I’m not sure which genre the author was going for. The history paranormal part of the book seemed to blend well. The historical, paranormal, erotica seemed a bit much for this book. Two genres would’ve been fine but three different ones through this read for a loop. Four was too much.
I felt myself trying hard to concentrate on it after some time as more erotica took place that actually story.
The “other planes” world made me think it had some sci-fi to it as according to the book many of the men go to earth to find wives.
I found I liked some parts. Other parts seemed over the top or just rushed and left out. For example, when Lord Barghurr takes Mia to her world, she just disappears. There’s no mention of her grandmother, the servants or even her parents as they had expected a wedding.
It's mentioned that Fanny received a large sum of money from Lord Barghurr and was told Mia was fine.
Mia and Fanny were considered good friends. I find it hard to think Fanny wouldn’t question this knowing she’s headstrong.
There’s an extended epilogue that the author requires you to sign up to her list to receive.
I opted not to do so.
All in all, I can’t see myself reading this book again. The massive mix of genres didn’t sit well for me. I even had a hard time imaging how Mia even pronounced his unusual name.
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