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Stop the “Follow/Unfollow” Game

I’ve been a blogger off and on since 2006. In that time, I’ve seen so much change both good and bad. As a blogger that is working on establishing one of her two brands I find it annoying and frankly shameful that so many people play the follow/unfollow game. ? ??

Are people who desperate to grow their numbers? ?


When I follow or subscribe to something it’s because they are in my niche, I’ve established a connection or I like their post and/or they are inspiration for helping me to turn my blog into an AWESOME place.


The Game

The game is this: follow some. If you don’t get a follow in 24 hours or less unfollow them. Easy way to get followers right? Wrong!

The Ghosts

Every day social media is bombarded with new accounts, old accounts be refreshed and the “ghosts”. These “ghosts” are people who follow you and wait for you to follow them. If they haven’t seen you “follow” they unfollow you.

The Desperate

These are the people you see with more “following” than they have followers. Sometimes, this is a catch-22. As a new blogger you may find tons of people who inspire you or have many photos that interest you. Beware of the person following 7k people and have less than 1-3 followers. There’s a reason they have so little followers.

The App Users

Ah… the “download this app and get more followers” users! Yes, they’re really apps out there that will get your followers. The problem? These are not followers you want. They’re not people interested in your content, niche, or anything else you have to offer. They are interested in growing their numbers and nothing more.

Guess what?

I can see you!

I know you unfollowed me; blocked me. 


I want real followers, people who are interested in my content; niche; my rabbits.

If you’re an author and you do the follow/unfollow, chances are pretty high you won’t be featured by me. Yes, there are thousands of other book bloggers you can go to, however, book reviewers have a close-knit community.

Just don’t do it! It’s also annoying!


We all want genuine followers and we want to genuinely follow accounts.

I’d rather have 10 real followers than to have 10k flakes.

I wonder if people really think we can’t SEE that. Bloggers, and I’m talking the ones that are building their brands, keep track of their analytics. This tells us what we’re doing right and wrong.

I’ve even been blocked because I wouldn’t follow someone back.

I won’t follow someone if they don’t have anything that catches my interests, aren’t in my niches, or businesses that I have no intention of using or have used and didn’t like.

Follow those who inspire you, offer you the content you love, and are quirky …. like me 😀


I’m not the only one that experiences this. Many bloggers go through this cycle. A fellow blogger who’s content isn’t related to my niche, but I lover her insights wrote a post similar to this one.


Brands wants bloggers with 20k followers or more.


Yeah, my thoughts exactly. It takes years to build that kind of “geninue” following. The othernight sensations? Sorry, I won’t buy followers. I’m a book blogger, bookstagrammer, book podcaster…. I’m just bookish. My time is spent reading and reviewing. Those 20k people can follow me if they want, but I want real people that can talk to me about books, not just like a photo and keep trolling.

Are you following me? You should. I write quirky weird posts at sporadic time.

A special thank you to ThrifDee for inspiring me to write me own post about the unfollow cycle.

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